National Register for Professional Engineers

In keeping with the global trend, Engineering Council of India (ECI), the apex engineering body of India comprising all streams of engineering, is in the process of introducing a National Register for Indian Engineers. Professional engineers in most countries register with their respective apex bodies which is a testimony to their professional skill and which helps them in advancing their career. As one of the member associations of ECI, IIChE will play an active role in the registration process of Chemical Engineers. The salient features of the registration process are explained below.

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  • Registration will be effective for: i. Professional Engineers (PE) and ii. Associate Professional Engineers (APE).

  • There will be separate National Registers for different disciplines of engineering, such as, Aeronautical, Civil, Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, IT, Mining, Telecom, etc.

  • The National Register will be uploaded on the website of ECI and its member associates.

  • The introductory registration fees will be Rs. 3,000/- for PEs +service @15% and Rs. 2,000/- + service @15% for APEs. For those applying within 30 June 2016, the registration fee will be reduced by 50 per cent. For those applying for PE under the ‘Grandfather’ category (Please see the ECI website), a concessional fee will be applicable.

  • The registration process and the fee structure are subject to revision at an interval.

  • The members of IIChE will require to send duly filled in forms to IIChE along with the corresponding fees (cheques/DDs to be drawn in favour or Engineering Council of India).

  • Benefits:
    The brand value that will come with the registration will stand the members in good stead in advancement of their career. Once the prospective employers become familiar with the Register, the registered engineers will have a better prospect of assignments and jobs.

  • ECI and its member associates will inform the public bodies of central and state governments as well as the local bodies about the National Register of PEs and APEs so that the registered engineers are considered for enrolment on their panel and for various assignments

For other details regarding registration and the available exemptions, please see the ECI website

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