Application for a New Regional Centre

Formation of Regional Centres:

1. If at least twenty eligible Corporate Members of the Institute residing or practising or carrying on business in one locality desire in a body, the formation of a Regional Centre of the Institute, the Council shall, subject to the provisions of these clauses, authorise them to do so.

2. If some small Regional Centres, which are closely located in a particular zone, consider that it would make them financially viable with the formation of a group amongst themselves to bolster their activities such as arranging seminars, chemcons, factory visits, continuing educations, etc., then such Regional Centres should seek for the permission of the Council in writing to do so. The arrangements for administration and finance shall be intimated to the Council and any surplus resulting from such an arrangement shall be shared with the Head Quarters, following a well-established norm set up by the Council.

Territorial limit of Regional Centres:

The Council in consultation with the Committee of each Regional Centre, shall have power to demarcate definite territorial limits for their individual activity. Normally the territorial activity of each Centre shall be restricted to an area equivalent to a circle of a radius of fifty kilometers. However, the Council at the discretion, shall fix the radius based on the individual merits of the Regional Centres. No Regional Centre shall be allowed to extend its activities beyond its territorial limits without written consent of the Council. Such consent may be given only after due notice has been served on the Regions and areas likely to be affected and the views of all those concerned heard and considered.

Objectives and activities:

The primary objective of Regional Centres shall be to promote and complement the objectives and activities of the Institute within the Centre’s territorial limits. It shall also render all assistance possible to the Headquarters of the Institute in professional matters relating to the Members of the Regional Centre. The activities arranged by the Regional Centre in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Institute, may specifically include the following:

  • To arrange Meetings and Conferences of the Regional Centre, to discuss problems of Chemical Engineering and related fields of interest.
  • To arrange Lectures, Counselling, Film Shows, etc., related to Chemical Engineering Profession.
  • To arrange Seminars, Workshops and Symposia on the topics of interest to Chemical Engineers and to promote interaction with other Regional Centres and organisations.
  • To arrange for Refresher Courses on subjects of interest to the Chemical Engineering Profession.
  • To arrange excursions and plant visits of interest to the Members of the Regional Centre.
  • To extend the services which involve application of Chemical Engineering to rural development.
  • To institute and to operate Awards, Prizes, Scholarships and honoraria to promote the Chemical Engineering Profession.
  • To promote research in Chemical Engineering related subjects, publications of Books, Periodicals, Technical Papers etc., for advancement of the profession of Chemical Engineering.
  • To assist and guide young Chemical Engineers in their career planning.
  • To promote any other activities of Social, Technical and Professional interest to the Members of the Regional Centre, as will be decided from time to time.

Administration and Functioning of the Regional Centres:

The affairs of each Regional Centre shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Constitution (Rules & Regulations)/Bye-laws as may be framed and approved by the Council from time to time.

Application for a New Regional Centre

(Upload list of eligible Corporate Members, not less than 20, with their signatures and mini Passport size photographs for verification at HQ’s end) - (within 1mb)


I/We declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

I/We also declare that we will abide by the Byelaws of the Institute. If any of our activities found deviation from the ‘Objectives’ or violation of ‘Code of Ethics’ of the Institute including non- submission of Audited Accounts to headquarters in time or misappropriation of funds are observed with respect to any event under the banner of IIChE, the Council has the right to terminate the Regional Centre without assigning any reason thereof. In that case all the fund of the Regional Centre should be transferred to the headquarters.

I/We ensure that the Regional Centre will bear all the expenditure for any investigation made by Headquarters related to the regional centre affairs without any prior intimation to the regional centre. No other entities are liable for the same.

I/We declare that the regional centre will abide by any council decision imposed to the regional centre from time to time apart from the rules and regulations stated in the by-laws.

Tick accepted the above terms & conditions and declaration.

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