Annexure of 5th Council Meeting

Annexure 2_Brochure SCHEMCON 2020 - First Announcement

Annexure 2A

Annexure 3_SCHEMCON2021_filled form

Annexure 3A_Schemcon 2021_Sep 07 2019

Annexure 4_D.A. of employees

Annexure 5

Annexure 6_Prof. S Basu_ICE_views

Annexure 10

Annexure 11_Pokale's email_Aug 19_Subvention

Annexure 12_MOM Emergency Admin Meeting_July 29 2019

Annexure 13_MOM 2nd Admin Comm Meeting

Annexure 13A_Annexures of 2nd Admin Com MOM

Annexure 14_3rd Bldg MOM_F

Annexure 14_Annexures of MOM_3rd Bld Com Meet

Annexure 15_MOM 4th Bldg Comm

Annexure 16_Dr Prasad

Annexure 17_Workshop

Annexure_1_Report HPC Committee

Annexures 7_9