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Newsletter, Vol. 10, Issue 2
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Dear IIChE Members & Colleagues,

Season’s Greetings to all IIChE Members & Colleagues! My heart-felt thanks to all the members and especially to the Council Members for bestowing this responsibility of Presidentship of IIChE this year and helping in the overall growth of not only our Institute but also of the Chemical Engineering profession at large.

We have 40 Regional Centres (RCs), 130 Organizational Members and 150 Students Chapters of IIChE, associated with various regional centers. Analyzing the overall situation of this federal structure, the base of IIChE is now shifting gradually towards Students Chapters from the earlier perception of its lying in Regional Centers. This observation gets strengthened by the growing popularities of SCHEMCON event. This year it will be the 14th Annual Session of Student’s Chemical Engineering Congress and will be held at Institute of Chemical Technology, a Deemed University in Mumbai, during October 26 - 27, 2018. I did request earlier to all the members for increasing the memberships in all the categories. I appreciate very much their effort so far but I would like to appeal again to emphasise to all the Institutions / Colleges having Students Chapters of IIChE to become life Organizational Members by paying one-time fee of Rs.25,000/- only. It will further improve the image of IIChE and Chemical Engineering profession.

IIChE is also facing constant challenges of sustainability in this competitive era and that of not losing it shine. Therefore, each one of us have to work harder to maintain its reputation. Some of the points that are becoming quite alarming and calls for urgent attention of all our RC’s and the Members are:

Election of IIChE : Nominations are being called for Council Election 2019 but responses from any new faces have been only few or NIL. If we have to grow vertically and horizontally, then interest have to be generated among all the Chemical Engineering professionals working in industry, Academic Institutions, Research Centres and Government Depts. At the same time, correct database of Members will help in improving the overall participation in the election process. The Regional Centre elections are merely by nomination and not by voting.
I would request the HQ and RC’s to take up this database update work on mission mode and use all their resources, means of connectivity with Members to not only update the database but also to infuse interest for their active participation in the IIChE activities (HQ contact details: and .
Outreach Program of IIChE: The global warming caution, strict pollution control norms from Central & State Pollution Control Boards on one side and competitive market on the other side are resulting in difficult times for many Small & Medium Entrepreneurs dealing with Chemical and Pharmaceutical manufacturings. Due to inaccessibility to the latest innovations and also for the cost non-viabilities, they are not able to afford implementation of the latest measures to combat these problems.
The experienced chemical engineers through their Regional Centres should assist in upgrading their conventional processes /equipment and thus improving their overall profitability. Many times it has even also saved them from going to a forced closure of their units. By winning over our fellow colleagues from industries, we can make more IIChE Organizational Members as well.
Internship and IIChE: In line with the medical profession, internship in engineering courses at all levels is likely to be made mandatory in near future. This requires a very close interaction between the academia and industries in days to come. Both the government and the colleges /institutes teaching Chemical Engineering should take initiatives regarding provision of internship at industries. The latter have to make MOUs with a few nearby industries.
IIChE too, through the RC’s, have to make MOUs with colleges/ Institutes for arranging practicals during AMIIChE examination in addition to conducting theory courses as per prescribed and approved syllabus. This internship /Practical training can be streamlined through various IIChE Student Chapters.
Publiations of IIChE : In addition to IIChE’s regular quarterly journal, Indian Chemical Engineer (ICE), this Newsletter also helps in reaching to the members. However, I have found that there are not many Special Issues of ICE or books on specific topics /Subjects, published by IIChE. The R&D funds, available with IIChE, can certainly be used for such purposes.
I would request for suggestions from everyone, including RCs, to take this initiative for more and more IIChE publications. The OYCE (Outstanding Young Chemical Engineers) is a regular yearly feature from Mumbai RC and we receive good many good unpublished, innovative papers from academia and industries. I would request the organizers to share these papers with the ICE Editorial Board for publication and wide circulations.
SCHEMCON and CHEMCON are big events of IIChE, which require serious organizational efforts. I appeal all members to contribute, support and participate in SCHEMCON 2018 in Mumbai in October and CHEMCON 2018 at Jalandhar in December.

With best compliments & regards,
Prof. Vinay Kumar Srivastava

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