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Hello Dear IIChE Members and Colleagues,

My Season Greetings to you and yours families!

It has been really a pleasure for me to address you throughout the year 2018. I did get responses on these Presidential columns through different social media. But they were very few in number. The comments, views and reactions from Members are always welcome for further discussions or debates on various issues to reach at implementable and executable conclusions.

In continuation to my previous columns pertaining to various challenging issues on some of our main activities, I would like to bring into focus some more associated issues. I look forward to your constructive opinions on these matters.

AMIIChE Examinination: The AICTE and the MHRD are in the process of making guidelines and setting time status for Associate Membership (AMIIChE) Examination of IIChE and similar such examinations, being conducted by various other professional bodies/organizations. Issues, such as, Points/grade allocations to various theoretical and practical projects, being conducted by approved regular, private and government colleges are under scrutiny by AICTE and the data pertaining to those have already been submitted. The IIChE along with other organizations are trying their best to get the Government notifications and approvals. But, at the same time, it is of utmost importance that the Regional Centres should enter into MOUs with companies and institutions so that such candidates can do internships / projects for learning the practical aspects of Chemical Engineering while doing the AMIIChE course.

Undoubtedly, the regular theory classes, currently conducted by a few RCs, are helping students to clear the theory papers. But it should be done with more professional touch, conforming to the IIChE status. The Controller of Examination of the IIChE Council along with the Vice President (IIChE) may have a direct communication with the RCs, which will play a pivotal role not only for conduct of the AMIIChE examinations but also in motivating more and more practising diploma students towards taking up AMIIChE course.

The IIChE HQ revenue is largely dependent on the AMIIChE examination fees. Hence, a reformed model to conduct the total AMIIChE examination affair is the need of the hour for IIChE.

Finance and Administrative Management: The Institute, with its 41 Regional Centres and 155 Student Chapters spread all over India, is functioning with one PAN. In spite of all the initiatives, actions and reminders every year, a few Regional Centres always default in submitting the accounts. As a result, these RCs are temporarily suspended till accounts finalizations by them and the suspension is revoked once the complete accounts are received by the HQ. Please note that barring the HQ and a few RCs, there is no regular staff in most of the RCs and the offices are being managed by the honorary services of the elected members. In spite of all sincerity and efforts, the tax management and GST implementation in totality is still a tough task ahead of us. This certainly calls for a collective understanding towards sharing of responsibilities between the RCs and the HQ. This can be achieved with a better dedicated, professional as well as ethical approach.

The recruitment process along with knowledge /skill upgradation of senior and retiring employees of IIChE HQ could not take off due to various reasons beyond our control. But certainly improper planning /Vision and the resorting to the easy path of granting extensions to retiring employees are also responsible. These measures may help only temporarily but the sustainability and growth of the Institute will require more sincere efforts in a cohesive way on part of the HQ officials and Staff.

For the last 10 years or so, the financial management of events like CHEMCON and SCHEMCON and post-event management of surplus fund have been drawing attention of the IT officials. The tax consultants and the auditors associated with the Institute need to be more vigilant as to how to prepare the balance sheet so that the hard earned funds can be better used in the growth of Institute rather in paying taxes. The tax exemption clauses /permission are to be regained as done in the past. The corpus funds created for R&D, Building repair, Publications, Awards, Membership, etc., at the RCs and HQ need to be utilized regularly and cautiously by means of collective planning. The balance sheet of surplus from the big annual events should be prepared after deduction of the support expenses from RCs, the HQ and the Institutes / Colleges, etc., involved in organizing such events.

The timely submission of account is the essence of keeping everything intact and orderly as per the law and rules. The delays create suspicion and calls for explanation, putting individuals in an embarrassing situation in spite of their good intentions. Observation of the guidelines on purchases with proper and sufficient number of quotations is also equally important for any professional Institution.

Constitutional Amendments: Suggestions were invited and are always welcome to improve the overall functioning of the Institute with more transparency using modern gadgets of the digital era. The recent conduct of the ‘Council Election 2018’ and ‘AMIIChE Examination’ with the help of these measures has not only saved in the expenses but also reduced the possibilities of any malpractices. We wish to bring forth these amendments through ‘Resolutions’ in the AGM 2018, scheduled to be held during the IIChE Annual Congress at Jalandhar.

SCHEMCON 2018 was successfully concluded at ICT, Mumbai and the preparations for CHEMCON 2018 is in full swing at NIT Jalandhar. Names of recipients for the Life Time Achievement Awards as well as Memorial and CDS lecture awardees have been finalized and so also the recipients of various other awards, instituted by IIChE. They have been informed and requested to grace the occasion through their presence at CHEMCON to accept the awards. Finetuning of the overall programme, including the inaugural and valedictory function, is in progress. The newly elected members of the Council 2019 have also been intimated and invited to CHEMCON 2018 and council meetings, scheduled during the Annual Congress 2018.

I, on behalf of my Council, invite you all to participate in CHEMCON 2018, to be held during December 27th -30th 2018. We welcome you and your family for a happy stay at Jalandhar and also convey our Best Wishes for Happy & Prosperous New Year (2019).

With Kind Regards,

Prof. Vinay Kumar Srivastava

MGMCET, Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

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