IIChE President

President’s Message


I begin with hearty greetings and gratitude to my fellow Council Members for electing me as the President of this august Institute. I will look forward to the year ahead to carry forward our plans and programmes and set new goals for IIChE to attain a new height.  The year 2020 brought unending misfortunes for the humanity in the form of Covid-19 pandemic. Although we have ushered in 2021 with new hopes and optimism, we are certainly not out of woods yet.  We have to keep our fingers crossed and hope for better days ahead. As far as IIChE is concerned, for the current year, we are looking forward to a number of new initiatives, to be launched in the near future.

OIP-2021: In continuation of the OSIP-2020, held last year, a four-week online internship programme (OIP-2021) will be conducted this year also during February - March 2021 for the UG students of Chemical Engineering and allied disciplines. Details about the programme are available on the website of the Institute.


Entrepreneurship Cell: Entrepreneurship has attained a significant connotation in the present global scenario with Covid-19 wreaking havoc on economies across the globe. Youths need to develop their own creative and innovative means for starting ventures of their own. IIChE is working on plans to start an Entrepreneurship Development Cell at the Institute Headquarters in Kolkata to train Chemical Engineering students and young professionals for initiating start-ups.


Certificate Courses: IIChE is in the process of introducing Certificate Courses in collaboration with the industry in areas of engineering consultancy, industrial software and R&D. The courses are being designed for both the students and professionals.


Regional Centres: For IIChE, Regional Centres (RCs) are the most important organ to execute its programmes and fulfil its objectives. This year, our target will be to ensure that there is at least one RC of IIChE in every state. Additionally, we are considering opening RCs abroad, particularly in SAARC Countries, i.e., Nepal and Bangladesh, in ASEAN countries as well as in other neighbouring countries, as in Dubai.  Another major move will be to introduce a common accounting procedure for all the RCs.  This will be a priority for us in the current year.

Student Chapters: For the last few years, the Institute has been increasingly concentrating on its Student Chapters at Engineering Institutes, Colleges and Universities to provide meaningful guidance to the students and shape their career. For the present year, our aim will be to ensure presence of Student Chapters (SCs) in each of the engineering institutes and universities across India that have the faculty of Chemical Engineering and/or allied subjects.

Membership Drive: Members are the mainstay of IIChE. Hence, IIChE needs a constant drive to enlarge its family by welcoming more and more individual and organisational Members in its fold. I request all our existing Members to make an ardent effort to motivate fellow Chemical Engineers and a greater numbers of Chemical Engineering establishments and academic institutes to become a part of the IIChE fraternity. We should encourage non-chemical Engineers also to become member as Chemical Engineering has crossed all the boundaries. Constructive and practical inputs from the Members in this regard will be welcome.

 Prof. M.K. Jha