Career Development

As we go along in our life our career plans are subject to change as careers normally do not have predictable path. Our plans must be flexible to account for changes in market needs, the economy, globalization, company priorities, and required job skills.

In the current turmoil state of economy the best possible way in career planning would be to embrace a positive, flexible, forward-looking attitude.  Be prepared for a job – at any place in the world. Downsizing, recession and slow development of projects can transform into positive growth, new opportunities, and expanding skills if we are flexible. 

Please create a list of the following to have a focused career:

  • Your values
  • Strong skills you have; skills you want to acquire
  • Where you want to be in next 5 years
  • Financial plans for say next 3 years
  • Preference for work environment
  • Geographic preferences

Career management does not end once you secure a job; it is a life-long effort. Once you are on the job, take control of your career. Seek advice from managers, mentors , peers and colleagues. Only you can decide what paths and choices are best for you. You need to discover what training and education will increase your value and your satisfaction. Part of planning a career is determining what field you might like to work in. A wide range of careers are available in chemical engineering, you may choose from any one of these or any cross functional fields.

Many factors should be considered during the search for a position.  Salary , location, size of company, opportunity for advancement, scope of work, projects, educational support, and others should be evaluated.  In any market, networking is an excellent way to surface job opportunities. IIChE will provide you the platform.

IIChE thrives to look for providing a better career to its members. Specifically for Student and Young members, IIChE is trying to create a repository of career development plans. This is the start of the same. We will post new opportunities and suggestions in this page in due course. The section is not completely operational now. In recent future, all members can upload their resume in the site so that prospective employers can view them. We will provide to the young members a repository of higher study opportunities. We will also put here excerpts from successful professional so that career of the young members can be shaped properly.


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