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Student Chapters of the IIChE under the auspices of the local Regional Centres can be formed at any recognized educational institute that offers undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering or allied subjects.

The Student Chapters guide its members in career choice and arrange lectures, seminars, short courses, plant visits, etc., at regular intervals to better equip and empower the students when they come out of their academic precincts.

Academic activities apart, Student Chapters organize cultural events and sports activities for their members.

Formation of Students’ Chapters:

If at least fifteen or more Student Members at any recognized Educational Institution offering undergraduate or post graduate degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemical or Allied Process Technology desire in a body, the formation of a Students’ Chapter of the Institute, the Council shall, subject to the provision of following clauses, authorise them to do so.

The applications of Student Members separately or jointly to this effect shall be forwarded through the Head of the Department/Institution and Honorary Regional Secretary of the Regional Centre having territorial jurisdiction over the location of the Department/Institution, to the Honorary Secretary of the Institute for the approval of the Council.

Territorial Limits of Student Chapters

Student Members from each Educational and other Institutions offering a Degree in Chemical Engineering, Chemical or Allied Process Technology may be permitted to form separate Students’ Chapters. All the Students’ Chapters within the territorial limits of a Regional Centre shall function under the guidance of the concerned Regional Centre.

Objectives and Activities of Student Chapters

The primary objective of a Students’ Chapter shall be to promote among Students in Chemical Engineering, a feeling of fraternity and brotherhood and to complement the objectives and activities of the Institute.

It shall also render all possible assistance to the Regional Centers in matters relating to Student Members.

The activities of the Students’ Chapter may specifically include the following:

  • To arrange Lectures, Film shows and Video shows related to the Chemical Engineering Education and Profession.
  • To arrange Seminars, Workshops, Group Discussion and Debates and to promote interaction of the Institute with Industry.
  • To establish and operate Book Banks for the use of its Members.
  • To arrange Excursions and Plant Visits of interest to the Student Chemical Engineers.
  • To assist and guide Student Chemical Engineers in their career planning and placement.
  • To assist any other activities of social, technical and educational interest to Student Chemical Engineers.

Membership of Students’ Chapters

Every Student Member Studying in the Educational Institution where a Students’ Chapter is functioning, shall ordinarily belong to that Students’ Chapter.

Students Members from other Institutions within the territorial limits of a Regional Centre, and where there is no Students’ Chapter, may be permitted to become the Members of any other Students’ Chapter already formed or to be formed within the territory of the Regional Centre.

No Student member shall belong to more than one Students’ Chapter at the same time.

Membership of any Student Member, indulging in any activity contrary to the spirit of the objectives/activities of the Students’ Chapter, shall be terminated, if an appropriate resolution is passed, to that effect, after proper deliberation against the Member by the authorized Executive Committee of the concerned Students’ Chapter.

Administration of Students’ Chapters

The affairs of each Students’ Chapter shall be conducted in accordance with the provision of the rules and such other bye-laws as may be framed and approved by the Council from time to time.

The Students’ Chapter or its Executive Committee shall not do or commit anything which may be against the interest of the Institute or involve it or commit it financially in any way.

The business of the Students’ Chapter shall be conducted and the property and funds thereof shall be administered by a Co-ordinator and an Executive Committee consisting of a Students’ Chapter Secretary, a Students’ Chapter Joint Secretary, a Students’ Chapter Treasurer and not less than three but not more than five Executive Committee Members belonging to that Chapter of the Institute and shall be co-ordinated by a Corporate Member of the Institute, who shall normally be a faculty in the College or Institution where the Students’ Chapter is functioning.

Election of Co-ordinator and Executive Committee Members

The Co-ordinator for the Students’ Chapter shall be nominated by the Executive Committee of the controlling Regional Centre in consultation with the Head of the Department concerned.

The Co-ordinator shall ordinarily be a faculty in the Institute in which the Students’ Chapter is formed and he shall also be a Corporate Member of the Institute.

In case a suitable Co-ordinator is not identified within the faculty for reasons beyond control or Co-ordnator is not a Corporate Member of the Institute, the Executive Committee of the controlling Regional Centre can approach a local Corporate Member to oversee the Students’ Chapter activities till a suitable Co-ordinator is appointed.

The Office-bearers and the Executive Committee Members of the Students’ Chapter shall be elected from amongst the Members of the Students’ Chapter before 31st of August every year.

The Co-ordinator or a faculty nominated by him shall be the returning officer for the election.

Only Student Members belonging to the Chapter shall be eligible to vote, propose or stand for election.

Functioning of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the Chapter shall promote and advance within its territorial limits the aims and objectives as laid down in the section.

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once in every three months or 4 times in a year.

Three elected Members shall form the quorum for the Meeting.

The Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be presided over by the Co-ordinator of the Student Chapter.

The tenure of the Executive Committee shall ordinarily be one year, from 1st July to 30th June.

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and for maintaining the proper accounts of the finances of the Chapter.

The Students’ Chapter Secretary shall convene meetings of the Executive Committee and circulate the Minutes.

In the absence of the Students’ Chapter Secretary the Students’ Chapter Joint Secretary shall act as the Students’ Chapter Secretary and in the absence of both, the Co-ordinator shall authorize one of the Members present to act as Students’ Chapter Secretary.

A copy of the Minutes shall be sent to the Regional Centre after confirmation. Secretary.

Annual General Meeting

Every Students’ Chapter shall hold its Annual General Meeting before 20th June every year. The venue, date and time of Meeting, and a brief agenda of the meeting shall be notified to the members at least 15 days in advance.

At the Annual General Meeting a copy of the Annual Report of the Chapter together with the audited Statement of Accounts shall be presented by the Executive Committee for consideration and adoption. The Co-ordinator shall be the approving authority for Anuual Reports and Statement of Accounts.

On adoption at the Annual General Meeting, a copy of the Annual Report and the Statement of Accounts duly signed by the Co-ordinator and the office-bearers shall be sent to the Honorary Regional Secretary of the concerned Regional Centre before 25th of June every year.

Any other business, for which prior notice has been given, may be transacted at the Annual General Meeting.

If the income/expenditure or credit exceeds Rs. 25,000/-, accounts will be audited by a Chartered Accountant.

In other cases auditing will be done by a Corporate Member, other than the Coordinator of the Chapter, appointed by the Executive Committee of the Regional Centre for the purpose.

Twenty Five percent of the total Student Membership or fifteen Student Members, whichever is lower, shall be the quorum for the Annual General Meeting.

If there is no quorum, the Meeting shall be adjourned and called on a later date and time and the minimum quorum is not specified for such adjourned Meetings.

Funds and Accounts of Student Chapters

The Institute shall transfer to the Students’ Chapters, as subvention, a maximum amount of 50% of the subscription collected from the Student Members of the Chapter.

The exact amount shall be decided by the Executive Committee of the concerned Regional Centre every year.

In case, the AGM is not held and/or the Annual Report/Annual Audited Accounts are not submitted to the Regional Centre by 25th June, the Students’ Chapter shall not be entitled for any subvention for the next year.

Grants, Donations, Registration fees etc. for the Students’ Chapter shall be received through the Regional Centre.

Students’ Chapter shall open an account in a Nationalized Bank for transactions.

The Regional Centre shall maintain a separate head of account for each Students’ Chapter functioning in its territory.

Surplus amount from any programme of a Students’ Chapter shall be deposited in the concerned Students’ Chapter’s account .

The Co-ordinator and the Executive Committee shall be responsible for maintaining a proper account of the funds received by them from the Regional Centre or from other source.